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MorphVox Voice Changer is a simple program that allows you to change the sound of your voice on services like Skype. To use the program, you simply install it, configure your microphone and choose from one of several pre-chosen "voices". The program modulates the frequencies of your voice to deepen or heighten your voice. Options include drastic modulations like "devil," "little kid" and so on, although several of the voices have a fairly light modulation effect.

The program is mainly for fun, but it contains enough professional-level tools to have some tangible real-world uses beyond making prank calls via Skype or messing around in an online game. MorphVOX Voice Changer effectively distinguishes your voice from background noise, so you could conceivable use it outdoors or in crowded public areas without too much distortion. The program also claims to have a "voice-learning" feature that distinguishes your voice from noise more effectively as you use the program. There's even a hum reduction function, which prevents your microphone from humming too badly if your computer components are interfering with your microphone or your sound card. The 60 Hz hum reduction works well, although it won't completely cut out serious interference.

The other major advantage of MorphVOX over other voice changing apps is the level of control that you get over the effects. You can alter the volume, equalize the sounds to make your voice easier to understand, save your favorite EQ settings and easily listen to the effects. It has enough features to keep you entertained for a few hours while you Skype with your friends.

If you're looking for a simple tool that makes it easy to disguise your voice over the computer or phone, or if you just want to fool around with some friends via Sykpe, this is a fun little tool that works like advertised.

MorphVOX is a program designed to change your voice when using common online chat or video conferencing programs. The application operates in real-time as you speak. It can also load previously recorded audio files and change the voice in those. You have a very wide range of options with MorphVOX. You can change your voice to almost anything from a metallic robot or young child to an evil demon. The 10-band equalizer allows you to refine the sound until it matches your voice. The program works with the most common applications like Skype, Hangouts and TeamSpeak. You can even add background noises to make it appear you are sitting in a traffic jam. MorphVOX is effective, flexible and easy to use.

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